Welcome! To the wedding dress hire company. We specialise in wedding dress hire, bridesmaid dress hire, prom dress hire and evening dress hire, including mens wedding suit hire. At our shop in Leicester we have a large range of beutifull wedding dresses to hire including slim fit wedding dresses, A Line wedding dresses and Princess style wedding dresses all available to hire a superb value for money rates.

Why Hire a Wedding Dress?

Many would agree that weddings are expensive and in the current economic climate many couples can only afford a much smaller wedding. From the venue to the flowers and rings etc. you can be certain that it will cost you  quite a bit, as bride this is the one day you may have always dreamt of since you were a little girl.  When it comes to our wedding dress we really don’t want to be limited by our choice but our budget may not oblige.

Why not hire a wedding dress instead?

At the Wedding dresss hire company we stock hundreds of dresses including wedding dressses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and evening dresses all available to hire. Our prices are much more affordable and start from as little as £89 for a bridesmaid dress, which is great news for soon-to-be brides. When you hire a wedding dress or hire bridesmaid dressses etc. you can be certain that you will be able to afford that fairytale gown you’ve always wanted.

We will help you choose a wedding dress that is both fitting to your personality and style. Our sizes range from 6 to your size now plus which is a very important factor as your main concern should be how your wedding gown fits. More importantly we have an in-house seamstresses who specialises in altering wedding gowns, so if there are any alterations that needs to be done you can rest assure that it will be done by an experienced professional.

When you hire a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, prom dress or evening dress at the wedding dresss hire company you can be certain that it will be of the highest quality, lowest price and most beautiful and ideal design. Therefore contact us  today so that we may help you make your wedding day or funtion as special as it should be.

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